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Two Towns, One Quilt, Many Stories

A pilot project sponsored by Common Thread Quilts.

Part of the CTQ Community Quilting Program and Quilt Fest 2023 Stitched Stories: Quilts That Speak


As part of Quilt Fest 2023 Stitched Stories: Quilts that Speak,  this pilot project is the first phase of  a broad based multi-year oral storytelling project that collects and organizes audio stories and related photographs about the Clifton-Fine area. Community members--year round, seasonal, young, and old--are encouraged to share stories about the area, and what makes it special to them.  The program promotes the rich social and cultural history of the area, strengthens a sense of shared community among area residents, and connects the next  generation to the place they call home. 


  • Preserve and circulate local audio stories and photos, past and present, in an easily accessible online format,

  • Promote a sense of place by documenting what is special about the area,

  • Strengthen area communities through the sharing of their stories, and

  • Encourage younger generations to become engaged community members.


Damoth Fund

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